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The Rare Nutrition Ambassador Program is perfect for individuals within the health and fitness industry that maintain a social media presence with a considerable platform of followers. We are looking for passionate athletes and/or bodybuilders to join this program who share our passion for the brand and all Rare Nutrition products. This program is an extension of our Loyalty and Rewards Program, however, it is only available to approved athletes and bodybuilders who apply for the positions. Rare Ambassadors enjoy much greater discounts, allowances and returns via our website.

If networking with like-minded people is a passion of yours, you live to inspire others, and you enjoy our products, then become a Rare Ambassador and reap the bountiful benefits.

Inviting your friends, family, training partners or team mates couldn't be simpler. Our website enables every Registered User and Rare Ambassador to invite referrals via email or social media. A referral code unique to your user account can also be placed on a website or a page of your choosing to push people towards our website as well. In comparison to Registered Users on our website, Rare Ambassadors are better rewarded for their referrals. You can see just how much better the rewards for Rare Ambassadors are below.

To make sure each and every newly referred customer feels valued, we treat them to a host of incentives as well. Read on to see how everyone wins as a result of the combined benefits from the Loyalty and Rewards Program and the Rare Nutrition Ambassador Program:

Reward #1 – Their incentive.

To make sure your referral understands how important they are to us, they will automatically receive free Rare Tokens that will lower the total cost of their first order! For your referral to qualify for the free Rare Tokens, they will be required to sign up for an account on our website.

Reward #2 – Your initial reward.

As a way of saying ‘thank you’ for sending us a new customer, your account will be credited with Rare Tokens of your own equal to % of the value of your referrals first order! The larger the initial purchase, the larger your reward will be so encouraging them to purchase in bulk will benefit both you and your referral.

Reward #3 - Your ongoing reward.

We want to reward you for introducing loyal customers to us, therefore, we will credit your account with Rare Tokens to the value of 5% of every purchase your referral makes for the lifetime of their membership on the website.

Our referral tools make the process simple. Referrals can be invited via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks with a few clicks. Furthermore, entire contact lists can be copied and pasted into the online tool to be emailed to their recipients in mere moments. Your unique link and referral code can be used in various ways for promotional purposes, such as placing them in forum profiles and signatures, on blog posts, in email signatures or just for word-of-mouth referrals.

With your followers already looking to you for guidance and counsel, it makes sense to get a reward for your efforts while introducing them to one of Australia’s best supplement brands. With your networking skills put into action, you will quickly find that your own supplements will cost next to nothing; in fact, it is not uncommon for ambassadors to receive their products completely free, because your efforts quickly add up!