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"...we want you to have access to all of our products at any time of the day at your convenience."

Established in 2013, Rare Candy™ was founded with a simple vision - to provide the best possible health supplements at the lowest prices. The formula is simple; lower overheads allow us to offer you great products at competitive prices. Our product line essentially debuted in stores around Australia in sync with our online store. Although some businesses would opt to take it slow, we have spared no expense to push our product line forward for the benefit of our customers. We know that online purchases are massively popular and we want you to have access to all of our products at any time of the day at your convenience.

We trust you will enjoy your purchasing experience with Rare Candy™ and we look forward to your ongoing patronage. If the service or the product does not meet your expectations, we will do everything in our power to remedy this. Therefore, for any concerns or queries regarding your purchase or a listed product, please contact us at Sales email and we will attend to your query with haste.

The Rare Candy Team

What We Offer:

  • Postal/courier delivery to your residential address or designated location Australia wide.
  • Safe online ordering via our secure dedicated servers.
  • Friendly customer support via email or phone.
  • 100% money back guarantee for all unopened online purchases.
  • Every purchase on this website is supported by expert advice from our experienced staff.
  • Every purchase on this website is also complimented with the voluntary Customer Satisfaction Program.

Certification & Accreditation:

  • AQIS Standard for Dairy Product & Processed Food Exports: Rare Candy™ is prepared in a facility that is registered to produce, store and export dairy products and processed foods from Australia.
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point Standard (HACCP): This is an internationally recognized system which is becoming the global standard for ensuring safety and quality in the manufacture of food and nutraceuticals. Rare Candy™ products are produced in a HACCP Certified facility.
  • Principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP): This national certification endorses that Rare Candy™ products are fully traceable through the manufacturer and manufactured in clean conditions and free of contaminants.
  • Australian Certified Organic: Rare Candy™ is produced by an Australian Certified Organic manufacturer.